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after paying an assistant $30 per hour to work with a consultant day we are told SCIENTOLOGY SITE...." Our workers are of various religions but our CEO is a SCIENTOLOGIST." I am very aware of the domination of Scientologists. I am very aware that they despise "Psychiatry" I have read their booklets by ERonHubbard. Most are wondrous. MOST ARE WONDROUS...but Scientology's hatred of "Psychology" is based on hating basically OUTDATED DRIVE... Read more

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Postcardmania claims they use data and a results department to ensure success but I made several requests for the data that was used and never received anything. They charged me over $3000 before agreeing on the service. After several mailings and not receiving a single call I was told that marketing wasn't a science, yet they said they had numbers to prove they were different. I was lied to when we needed help the most and they didn't care.... Read more

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We ordered 40k postcards for our CPA firm; for mailing to households; for the current tax season. And, arranged for 6 mailings to get out to these households. After, having postcardmania send 18k of these postcards., which was 3 of the 6 mailings. As of this writing we have received only (1) phone call. Out of 18k mailings? I don't think so. Our other marketing campaign, which is direct mail, is averaging 1.75%. And, it's costing, in a year,... Read more

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I haven't had the pleasure to work with PostCard Mania, but from all the complaints I've read here and on Yelp, I can safely say it's mostly "user error" meaning the customer is to blame. First and foremost, most of the customers expect to get a windfall of business. People send out a thousand postcards to some "list" and expect to get a lot of business. It simply doesn't work that way. If it did, we'd all being doing it. I can go on and on... Read more

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I had nothing but good dealings with them. I had them design print and mail a card for me and I provided a list of businesses. I added my name to the list and received a card and got a couple responses from the people I mailed to. I know as with any marketing that you have to keep at it and you can't expect a ton of people to call unless you mail a lot and do it consistently. I was satisfied and would definitely do it again. Read more

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I cannot believe that out of 2000 mailed cards (I have my doubts they mailed them out) and more than $1,800 expended, I only received 5 phone calls, none committed to my accounting firm services. It really was a waste of time and more important waste of money. In the beginning they promise big success but in my case it was a ridiculous disaster. I will never, ever use their services again, no sir. In addition, they tried to charge my credit card... Read more

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I contracted with Postcardmania for them to do a small 2500 card mailing. It took them and the many departments way too long. Then the printing department mixed up my cell/texting number. I was so stressed at that time that I am lucky I caught it. It took three emails for her to ADMIT that she in fact transposed the numbers. So 2500 cards sent and only ONE call from anyone! No one in the department is calling me to discuss why all the reports... Read more

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Simply the worst company I've ever dealt with! They will tell you ANYTHING to get your business, and once you've paid, forget about it! I had emails proving what I ordered, and they still sent me a cheaper product. I tried to call the owner of the company, and her personal secretary said she was out of the country. When I asked when she would be back, she said she didn't know....what??!!! It's almost as if the sales team is trained to just... Read more

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Post Card Mania does not mail out what they say they will. We have several addresses crosschecked and clients we currently serve waiting for the post cards to arrive so they can share with us what they think. Post Card Mania did not mail out what they said they did. Absolutely none of our current customers that where in fact on the mailing list received the post card. Not one. We called back to speak to our original sales rep. They protect her... Read more

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They start out with telling you this will be simple and a 3 day turn around and advertise $329 for 5k postcards. The continuous emails of 5 a day will be enough to drive you crazy for weeks and weeks!!!! That is just to start with but the bottom line is we spent $2800 and all we received where complaints about their "so called singles list" and so many returns and all they can say is too bad and if you spend more money with us we will replace... Read more

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